Marine Inland Claim:

Marine Inland (goods in transit) Claim

  • The Loss or damage should be reported to the company immediately with last known position of the missing vehicle.
  • Take all necessary measures to mitigate the loss for claims such as fire, riot, accident, overturning, derailment etc.
  • Inform the tracking company where trackers are fitted in the vehicle and follow with them for recovery.
  • Inform fire brigade in case of fire to the cargo.
  • Preserve and guard the salvage until arrival of surveyor and disposal of salvage (if any) Documents required.
  • Claim Bill/form 2.215 Particulars of driver (driving license, NIC copy etc)
  • Particulars of conveying/transit vehicle (registration and fitness certificate).
  • Delivery Way Bills, gate pass 2.218 Lodge FIR ,nominate the carrier or driver if required.
  • Internal Investigation Report 2.220 Co-operate and provide all the information and assistance to the surveyor appointed by the company.
  • Discharge loss voucher
  • Letter of subrogation where required.