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  1. When did Alfalah Insurance start operations?

We got our licence from SECP in August, 2006 and started operations in last quarter of year 2006. Our first full operational year was 2007.


  1. Do you offer Life insurance?

No. We are a non life insurer.


  1. Do you offer home insurance and other personal line products?

Yes. We offer excellent cost effective covers for motor, home and personal accident insurance programmes.


  1. What is the paid up capital of Alfalah Insurance?

Our authorized capital is Rs300 Millions and our paid up capital is Rs230 Millions.


  1. Who are your reinsurers?

Alfalah Insurance has been supported by some of the worlds’  leading reinsurers such as Lloyds, Swiss Reinsurance Company, SCOR, Alliance and ARIG.


  1. Will you increase number of your branches and offices?

Yes. Indeed, we will expand our branch net work in years to come.


  1. Do you offer positions to fresh graduates?

There is always a possibility depending upon the need at a particular time. Please visit our “Careers” web page from time to time


Abu Dhabi Group is represented in Pakistan by the following entities:
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