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Miscellaneous Insurance


Miscellaneous Insurance:

The company provides various insurances other than fire motor marine or engineering. These are termed as miscellaneous insurance, some of the products commonly used in this line of business are listed below:

Workman Compensation Insurance

The Workmen’s compensation Act 1923 stipulates that “If personal injury is caused to a workman by accident arising out of or in the course of his employment, his employer shall be liable to pay compensation in accordance with the provisions of Chapter No. 2”.

Our workman compensation policy provides cover against this mandatory compensation requirement giving relief to employer(s).

Personal Accident Insurance:

Our Personal Accident Insurance provides cover against Accidental death, Permenant and/or temporary disability. Any person or group of persons can avail this cover to a reasonable amount of their choice.

• Money Insurance:

(Cash in safe &/or on counter and whilst in Transit)

The cash in safe and cash in transit policies are available for corporate groups. The typical coverage is against;

• loss of money due to Burglary, armed hold up and snatching at gun point.
• The cover is restricted to the cash belonging to the insured and does not involve cover against loss of cash to sister concerns.
• Cash in transit is covered during cash being transited between defined points and during office hours.

Claims Reporting Procedure


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