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All you need to know about Bima...

BIMA will give your family money if you die or become permanently disabled following an accident. Secure your family's future by getting your BIMA plan today!

Monthly Price and Benefit: Postpaid Warid subscribers are billed monthly. Prepaid Warid subscribers pay through daily deductions. Prepaid subscribers will pay no more than 1/15th the price+tax on any given day. For example, prepaid subscribers paying PKR 30 +tax per month may be charged up to PKR 2+tax per/day.

Plan **Monthly Price Maximum Cover/Benefit provided
Silver PKR 30 PKR 150,000
Gold PKR 60 PKR 300,000
Platinum PKR 150 PKR 750,000
Diamond PKR 300 PKR 1,500,000

Claims: SMS 'CLAIM' to 9878 or call 042-3253-4444 within 90 days of the accident and a Milvik representative will contact you with information on how to make a claim.


Eligibility: Warid customers between the ages of 18 and 65 years old.

Terms of cover: This policy grants the Insured a sum of money for Permanent Disablement or Death resulting from an Accident.

Death and Total Permanent Disablement
Accidental death, loss of two limbs, loss of both hands, or of all fingers and both thumbs, total paralysis, total insanity, injuries resulting in being Permanently bedridden, any other injury resulting in Permanent Disablement, total and irrecoverable loss of all sight in both eyes

100% of maximum insurance benefit

Permanent Partial Disablement
Loss of arm at shoulder, loss of arm between shoulder and elbow, loss of arm between elbow and wrist, loss of hand at wrist, loss of leg at hip, loss of leg between knee and hip, loss of leg below knee, total and irrevocable loss of all sight in one eye, loss of four fingers and thumb on one hand,  loss of speech

50% of maximum insurance benefit

Partial benefit: If less than the full monthly price has been paid, you will receive insurance cover proportional to what you were able to pay, provided you paid at least 1/6th of monthly price.

Commencement date: 1st day of next calendar month, when at least 1/6th of monthly price has been paid the previous month.

Main Exclusions: Self-inflicted injuries. Participation in military exercises, hunting, mountaineering, or racing. Strike, riots & civil commotion, political unrest, and terrorism. Drugs and/or alcohol addiction or use. Pre-existing/recurrent conditions, complications in pregnancy, or childbirth. Kidnapping for ransom. Any surgeries or medical treatment. Psychiatric/Psychological conditions.

For a complete list of exclusions, please see the policy wording.

The Insurance is underwritten by Alfalah Insurance and delivered by Milvik.

Milvik Mobile Pakistan is the global leader in mobile microinsurance, and it protects the future of 15 million families worldwide. It has operations in 13 markets across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Milvik is proud to have paid over $ 3 million in claims.

Bima is proudly underwritten by Alfalah Insurance. Alfalah Insurance offers first class security and service to the insuring public at an international standard.

Warid Telecom, as the Life Ka Network, is facilitating this offering but shall not be responsible for any grievance of the Warid Customer relating to the Insurance Services and Alfalah Insurance's or Milvik's performance of its obligations.

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